Workshop: Learn to Draw Animals · Ages: 12 - Adult

 Hawk portrait, colored pencil, by Nick, age 15

Hawk portrait, colored pencil, by Nick, age 15

drawing of deer
pencil drawing of bunnies

$208. *Subject to change.

Instructor: Alice Olson Seufert, B.F.A. Tyler School of Art, Temple University, or Patrick T. Seufert, B.F.A. Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Drawing all types of animals.  Students will first learn to draw animals in correct proportions, drawing many varied types of animals.  They then move on, to their choice of a specific animal, that they wish to render in color/detail. Students can choose any medium they wish, excepting watercolor, unless the student has previously completed a watercolor course.

Materials: Students will provide their own art supplies. A supply list will be provided at the first class of each workshop. Minimum supplies needed FOR ALL WORKSHOPS (except W/C and Chalk Media) are: 1 - HB fine art graphite pencil, 1 - kneaded eraser, 1 - Strathmore (brand name) 11" X 14" spiral bound sketch book. Either purchase at 1st class (approx. price: $20.) or bring to 1st class.  ALL supplies can be purchased at the first class, at the SAS. 10% discount.

Prerequisite: All students under 18 must have completed Fundamentals/Intermediate Drawing and Advanced Drawing OR be able to show a proficient portfolio, indicating your skill level is ready for these courses. There are no prerequisites for adult students.

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